WIPocalpyse 2012

Saturday, 26 September 2009

exchange received

Here's a picture of what i received in My Stitching Place Exchange with Friendly Stitchers . This was from Mouse and it's just gorgeous - going to hang it up in my bedroom as this is my main stitching place . Consequenlty i've taken a break from my rotation as i've been concentrating on finishing off my piece to go to Mouse - all stitched up just the finishing now which as i've mentinoed before is not my forte!

However so far so good, one half is done but i need to nip to the shops to get another little piece to finish it off so will get that done this week and get it off - then back to the rotation however reckon i will give it another couple of weeks and then will have to concentrate on the stocking for my wee boy Joe as this has been promised for this Christmas and time is just flying by.
I'm back to working a couple of shifts in the restaurant at the weekend as they were short staffed and we're were skint lol. It's a bit of a pain as on top of working full time it can get quite tiring but it's so nice getting some extra cash put by for pressies etc oh and of course my weekend away to the Harrogate show with some of the girls from Friendly Stitchers where i intend to spend money like it's going out of fashion!
Well i'm off to watch last nights Strictly - between that and X factor my wee Sky + is jam packed and the new series of Fringe starts next week - all good stitching telly..yay..

Sunday, 13 September 2009

HAED update

Have done a little bit more on Twilight Shimmer - however every time i think i am getting near the end of page 1 it just seems to keep going lol. Still sticking to my rotation of three days per piece, this is working really well for me .

Not got much else to say today - been at work, been home, back at work - you know the same old same old - however the sun is shining today yay! so going to get the embarrassment that is my garden sorted and do some bramble picking as well with the kids and then hopefully get a walk in tonight with a friend. It'll be nice to get outside for a bit.