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Monday, 24 December 2007

Damn it - Christmas must be early this year

Okay I admit defeat - Christmas must be early this year. I haven't got the kids Christmas trees ornaments finished and I am suffering from a bit of Christmas overkill so they have been put away before I lost the plot with them lol! So I am back on the rotation and worked a wee bit on my HAED which was a pleasant relief. I will be so pleased when i get page 1 done, only another 48 to go....

Off work next week so planning just to chill out and not do a lot. Have a tiny bit of the hall to paint and then we can go carpet hunting and finally get rid of the pink and paint splattered carpet which is there just now.. oh i hate it, can not wait to see the back of it.

Been overinduling somewhat on the mincepie front and had to go and buy bigger trousers last week, so have been re-enthused to shift a bit of weight for my hols in the summer (well after I have eaten all the rubbish still in the house of course!!) - have added a little ticker so that should keep me on the straight and narrow (i hope)..


Friday, 14 December 2007

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Finished round robin (for lynda)

This is my finished piece for Lynda's rr - it's such a cute book of designs...stitching has had to take a bit of a back seat this week though as been getting presents wrapped to get sent off and the tree put up and my wonderful friend Sharon came and helped me recover my dining room chairs (well when i say helped she actually did most of it!) so I have nice, clean chairs - they have been so horrible for ages and they now look really good...I've got nights out tonight and tomorrow so will hopefully get Joe's christmas tree ornament finished at the weekend and then get them made up next week.
Been buying a bit of stash as well, fabric from Chatelaine St Petersburg so i can get that started in the new year, a couple of little bent creek snappers and Donner and Dasher from Mirabilia - they were just too cute too resist..
Right better go and do some work - just poured diet coke all over my desk, pity it didn't break my pc..

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Fabric for christmas ornaments

omg december already!

Right - have i been hibernating or something as i can not believe it is December already - i think I lost November somewhere. Maybe it is just the fact that the weather is now just a permanent grey from morning to night, the days all just blend into one another - apparently there is a big yellow ball which sits in the sky and keeps us warm but I reckon it's just a rumour cause i certainly haven't seen it here for a while!

As for stitching not a huge amount to report, got a few stitches done on my HAED queen of hearts but been pretty busy this week with one thing and another so progress is a bit slow. However did have a look at some WIP piccies of it on the HAED bulletin board and it is even more gorgeous looking than I thought it would be so that has spurred me on a bit . This week though I am back to the RR which i should hopefully get finished up and away as the post day is 10th December.

Got some backing fabric for christmas ornaments (see pic above)and ordered some faux leather to recover my dining room chairs as for some reason I thought cream chairs would be a good idea with two small children (duh!!). Have enlisted my friends help though as she is quite good with this sort of thing and I'm not..

best thing though this week was going to see Crowded House in Glasgow on Fri night. I've loved them for years so it was great seeing them again - but it was a bit odd as it was all seated and I like to have a good jump about at these things, eventually everyone did get up though - felt like I was at a school assembly to start with..they reckoned they would be back next year as well so will definitely get tickets for that...

Okay going to catch up with The West Wing and stitch on my rr - kids are happy playing (well for now at least!) so should get a bit of peace ..

Monday, 12 November 2007

Another week over

Okay, it's Monday again so will try and update this blog on a weekly/biweekly basis - i think this is doable (don't know if that is a proper word but looks good) as long as the IT spymasters at work keep at bay.. don't get much peace and quiet at home to get on the pc for long so it tends to be while on break at work..

Have started on a Round Robin from Ally's Round Robin group on Yahoo. This is my second rr and i am really loving it..this year my rr is Cats and Quilts for Diane Graebner, my section is done and we are now on to number two..at the moment I am doing Lynda's section - it is a town square design where you choose from a variety of shops, really cute! I have chosen a bookshop to do and am about half way there - just to decide on a colour for the awning - using GAST threads for these, all nice greens and browns. Will get a picture of this up in the next day or two..

I am sticking to my rotation quite rigidly at the mo as I find it keeps things ticking along, so I am on week 2 at the mo and have nearly finished a tree from M designs for my dd Neve who is 7, should get it finished tonight or tomorrow (again picture will follow), just to add some beads for some nice Christmas sparkle - Neve wants to choose these though.. then I will start on a tree for Joe my wee boy who is 3 , using some nice bluey fabric for this but he insists he wants it pink as that is his favourite colour! So am going to dig out some nice bright pink thread to do the lettering and that should keep him happy. I plan to then turn them into bellpulls but have never done this before so this may change as i am the world's worst finisher! I can cross-stitch to my hearts content but can not sew to save myself.

Other than that i feel that life is calming down a bit, the last few weeks have felt really hectic with work and the kids and silly things like getting all the bits for the car's mot and thinking about Christmas pressies and being at the dentist five times in the last three weeks with various things but i do now think that it is all finally coming together and i can finally stop and relax for a bit - feel like i just do not have enough hours in the day sometimes or maybye i should just give up my job, that we would be a much better option - of course when they came to repossess the house it would maybe be not such a good idea lol!!!)

Saturday, 3 November 2007

HAED Queen of hearts

Well this is the end of wk 4 on my rotation so have uploaded an up to date picture of my wip - doesn't look very exciting does it?! Still I am nearly finished page 1, only 48 to go....lol! I had gone off this as it just seems impossible that i will ever finish it or that i will even like it when I am done but I'm up for a challenge so will plough on for the next wee while anyway and see how i feel... I'm sewing over one on 25ct which is new for me - took me a while to get into it but now feels okay.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Neve at culzean

Had a busy week what with Halloween and work - spent the day down at Culzean Castle just south of us in Ayr - had a lovely walk down through the woods, kids were nice and exhausted afterwards!

Saturday, 27 October 2007


This is the first WIP of my DMC Japanese Anemones. I'm stitching this as a housewarming present for some friends (who have actually been in there house for about 18mths now but who's counting!). It's stitching up pretty quick so it may get done in time for Christmas...

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

first blog

Okay - have started this blog in order to put some of my cross stitch pictures up, I can now send them directly from my phone as i have finally done the decent thing and got myself a phone that doesn't embarrass me...so tonight I might atually get round to taking some of the aforementioned pictures and hopefully will actually send them here..that is the plan anyway but I will probably forget about it for another few weeks, that is the way my life is at the mo.