WIPocalpyse 2012

Saturday, 10 January 2015

New year new starts

So I spent the last few days of 2014  finishing off some pages on my WIPS so I am starting the new year with lots of nice new page starts as well as one completely new start.  So these will be my projects for 2015 - which are very familiar as they were my projects for 2014 and before that lol!

HAED Mini Sea of Roses - two pages done, four to go

Leicester City FC Badge - five pages done, five to go 

Haed Rapunzel - two pages done, two to go

Chatelaine White Nights in St Petersburg,  5 parts done, 7 to go 

Ink Circles - Bramble and Rose, six pages done, three to go

And this is going to be my new start for the year, I have had this design for years, literally years (it was from a Crossstitcher mag from about 2005) and thought it would go nice in my new bathroom so have got it all kitted up ready to go