WIPocalpyse 2012

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jan wip

Oops? have realised that january appears to have come and gone and I still haven't updated my blog. Great start to the year lol!
Well this month I have worked on haed twilight shimmer and my new start haed mini sea of roses as well as a bit on my Mirabilia and then this week I've started on another Christmas ornament to replace one I had sent and which unfortunately disappeared into the ether. No pics of that till its gone.

Had to have a little stash enhancement of course from Paine Free Crafts. A new company selling some fab designs. I had to give in and by this.

.So gorgeous! This week I am doing a bit of a mish mash of Haed, Christmas ornie, Darth Vader and hopefully start a wee baby gift..we'll see how it pans out.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WIPacolapyse 2012

Well it appears that the end of the world seems to have past us by without too much fuss so I hereby present my sum up of my 2012 wipocalpyse stitching . Note the use of the word stitching not finishing as to be truthful there wasn't much of that happening this year but there's always next year. Warning - lots of pics!

1.  Pinoy - Don't Make Me Kill You
 Finished yay!
2. Chatelaine - White Nights in St Petersburg   -  part 4 done, part 5 started

3. HAED - SK Rapunzel
  page 1 completed
4. Artecy - Solar System

 Another finish

5. Mirabilia - Maidens of the Season Spring

6. HAED - QS Twilight Shimmer

7. CCN Joy

8. Victoria Sampler - Jazz Tuffet
 Finished (no start picture)
9. Ink Circles - Bramble and Rose

10. HAED QS Siberian Forest

11. Bent Creek Snapper - June Zooms

Started and finished

12. West End Embroidery - Tile
Didn't get a look in

So overall not too bad - have really enjoyed taking part in this and already planning for 2013!