WIPocalpyse 2012

Saturday, 28 January 2012

my week in stitches

Well I got me a wee start on QS Siberian Forest - it's a strange one, what you presume is white or cream turns out to be blues and greens and pinks - but it all works.. looking forward to working on this through the year
Hoping to have a finish this week with Don't Make Me Kill You - watch this space...

Off now to get my weekly fix of Danish drama courtesy of BBC4 - I am so loving Borgen, I am getting mightily obsessed with all things Danish - I need to go to Copenhagen!!

cheery bye

Saturday, 21 January 2012

weekend whoop whoop

After having a totally crappy cold last week and then being back at work I am so glad it is now the weekend.. my plans are

In town with the wee man to buy yet more lego...
Haircut - can't wait, i have such bad hair just now it is downright embarrasing
Pick up something from the post office -
Getting a serious stitch ass tonight - DD is at a sleepover, hubby is working, just me and Joe so plenty of stitching to get done,

Planning to start HAED SAL QS Siberian Forest but might split my time between that and my coffee piece for my consultant as I have just found out she is due back to work in a couple of weeks , so i need to get a move on and finish it ...

It's my birthday next week so treated myself to some fab new make up - I don't even wear make up everyday but I do love buying it, and this palette is just lush! 

Have a nice weekend all!

Monday, 9 January 2012

first full moon

WIPopaclypse first full moon:  So this is what I've been doing since 1st of the month - nothing too exciting but managed to get a little bit done. 

Have had a good few days off over the new year - got caught up with lots of sky+ shows and had some quality stitching time - watched the whole of the second series of Boardwalk Empire in the last week - so good!!

 Before                                                                          After

Been reading lots of blogs but omg people - with all those crazy january challenges starting I can hardly keep up - I am so impressed though with everyone's perseverance, and loving seeing all your new pieces. Keep up the good work for the rest of the month.

Off now to work some more on Solar System and some One Tree Hill - nice and easy on the brain..