WIPocalpyse 2012

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A finish and a wee bit of stash enhancement

Well I have dd's moustache all finished up. Ready in time to add to her birthday box for her to take on her hols next week... it'll be strange her not being at home when she turns 13 but we will be having takeaway and cake on Saturday instead. .. we would have taken her out for a meal but it being Eurovision on Saturday night we just have to stay in. Me and Neve are total Eurovision fans lol.. the cheesier the better!

Been working on baby sampler as well and snuck a few stitches on a haed. Was getting withdrawal symptoms from not stitching on it. Managed to sneak in a couple of new charts in  their sale as well-Mini Captive,  Mini Frozen Heart and an ornie what I cant remember is called.

Oh and before I forget I won a give away from Jo over at  her Dimensions Travelling Memories chart. Thanks ever so much Jo.