WIPocalpyse 2012

Saturday, 2 April 2011

corrie corrie

Well that's a finish for me - dd Neve's coronation st bookmark - a nice wee stitch though being a total numpty i had slightly misjudged the placement of it on the fabric and had to kind of squash it up a bit at the end but hey ho - that's the way these things go!

Starting a new small start this weekend with Bent Creek Snapper May - eventually one year i will actually have all twelve finished.

been working away on Ink Circles Bramble & Rose - will get page 3 finished this month - i only get this out every few weeks, and i forget everytime how much i like it, using Carries Creations threads is a delight.

the kids are off on holiday for the next two weeks so am taking a few days off work to be at home with them - oh i am so looking forward to just getting stuff sorted in the house and garden and just relaxing, nothing too exciting in the plan.

Planning to meet up with a couple of friends this week so we can have our inaugural stitching night - one has been stitching for a few months and one is new to it, so we will see how we get on - planning to start Miracles Happen as that is definitely how i feel at the mo -15lbs down, 35 to go!

right off to see how the tiler is getting in the kitchen - looking good so far..

hope you all have a good weekend.