WIPocalpyse 2012

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

April wipocalpyse

Another month has flown by and my owl is coming to life..  I am stitching this for a friend's mum and am hopeful to have it done by June so I can hand it over when we go visit but time is slipping away so that is all I've been stitching



With regards my stash organising it is pretty straight forward -  all my DMC on bobbins in boxes, charts etc in folders and WIPS in separate folders - I don't have a huge amount of stash, I tend to just buy fabric as and when I need it.  I have enough charts as it is to last me a lifetime.

Other than that life is ticking away nicely - between using up annual leave in March and then days off for school hols I feel that I have hardly been at work - I could certainly get used to working less, only another twenty five years till retirement lol..

Am very excited though as we are finally getting a new bathroom fitted in June.  We've been in this house for ten years now and never touched it and it has gradually been falling apart, the duck tape holding the bath together though has been the spur to actually get it sorted now  ..getting a complete refit from ceiling to floor - now just need to decide on what window to get in - decisions, decisions..

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 17 March 2014

March wipocalpyse

Okay life has been a bit hectic for the last wee while - I feel that I can actually take a breath this weekend.   DD has been competing in a figure skating competition this week (she came a respectable 9th out of 17) which has involved a lot of time (and my bank account haemorrhaging money) so stitching time has been few and far between.

However  not all is lost -  I will start with a finish - yay!. Finished this up a couple of weeks ago and it is now hanging on daughter's wall, which is an achievement in itself. The amount of finishes I have that are still waiting to be framed is growing.

This was from Cross Stitch Collection last year - there is a border that goes round it but I preferred it without.

Owl (from Love Thy Thread) is now down to the second row - this is being stitched on Autumn Gold from Sparklies - it is a slightly darker colour than it shows here.

Finishing off my Mirabilia spring - beading, beading and a bit more beading

Topic this month is favourite places to stitch .  I am an at home in front of the TV stitcher, I very rarely stitch out of the house. Even on holiday I always have great plans to stitch but find that reading is always my preferred activity -  So this is usually my view from my recliner in the living room.  I will admit I am a bit of a TV addict, love a good drama series - at the moment I am hooked on Line of Duty - the last episode is this week and I am still none the wiser as to who did what!

Monday, 3 February 2014

A bit of a mini disaster

In  the last post I mentioned that I would post a pic of my Owl piece by Love Thy Thread
 I had done about a page and when I took it out of the hoop I had the sudden realisation that it was in no way going to fit into the fabric I had - after much checking and recalculating I realised that I had been stitching it over 2 instead of 1 - aaah!! To say I was a bit annoyed would be an understatement - let's just say the kids made a hasty retreat at this point.  I was for chucking the whole thing but was sensible and have hid it in the cupboard for a few days and will then attempt to frog and restart in a few days time.

I'm behind in my first wipacolpse posting but will do a little intro for those that don't know me. I'm Maureen, just turned 43 and live in Ayr on the south west coast of Scotland along with my hubby Lee, kids Neve 13 and Joe 10 and Poppy the cat.

I've been stitching for over twenty years now(scary!) and am really a fan of BAPs - finishes are a rarity in my world... I love HAEDs, Chatelaine's etc

I've been blogging for a few years now - not very frequently to be sure but enjoy looking back and seeing my progress over the previous few months.

Below are a couple of updates on what I've been doing over the last week - nearly finished the unicorn - just ran out of one colour and then need to get some beads. Plan to get this in February.

HAED Mini Sea of Roses
Cross Stitch Gold - Winter Unicorn

Monday, 20 January 2014

A new year

Well folks, here I am catching up in the middle of January which is not bad going for me really. . I make no promises of keeping this blog any more up to date than last year, I know what I'm l like.

Stitching goals for 2014 are pretty much the same as before - keep plodding away on those Wips, one day I will finish them all. Just not committing to which day that'll be..

I have been stitching for the past few weeks/months. Was trying to finish off a unicorn for dd Neve's Christmas but that didn't happen. I am now very nearly done with it, hopefully she'll disappear with her pals for a bit this weekend and I'll get it finished. 

My mirabilia is nearly complete as well, just need to purchase a couple of threads and beads - will get back to it in February

Started a new start from Love Thy Thread - Owl, on some nice fabric from Sparklies -will pop a pic of that up next time.

Been working on my Haed as well, just love all the reds.

Hope all you readers are well.  I'll try and get back soon.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Thanks for all the nice comments rr my twilight shimmer.  I am so pleased to have finished this. Now I just have to get round to getting it framed. .dont bank on that happening anytime soon. I'm dreadful for putting things away never to be seen again.

This month I'm going to work on a couple of wips. One for upstairs, my Mirabilia Maidens of the Seasons spring and one for downstairs, Ink Circles Bramble and the Rose ..

I'm desperate for a new start but am being very good and trying to get through my wips like a good girl.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

A momentous day

Just a quickie but I have actually finished a Haed. It took me a wee while (started in 2009 and worked on and off) but gosh darn it I got it done!
QS twilight shimmer 2 over 1 on 25ct.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Halfway there and a bit

Ok. I admit it. I am rubbish at keeping this blog up to date. I have great intentions and then it all goes to pot.  Anyways,  we are  past the halfway point of the year and I dont think ive made that much progress on wips but squeezed in another finish along the way.

First up was a birth announcement for a friend's baby. It has been framed and given to the the proud parents but forgot to take a picture of it framed.  Here it is unframed.

Next up we have QS twilight shimmer.
Getting close to a finish with this, even hubby has noticed and then commented that it wasnt really his thing. To which I politely explained that with the time it has taken me it would most definitely be going up on the wall.

Been on hols to Legoland Windsor and London which was fab. Gorgeous weather finished off with a boozy weekend in Bath with friends.  Perfect.