WIPocalpyse 2012

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Bramble Rose update

This is Ink Circles Bramble Rose update - nearly finished one page - thought this would be a nice easy stitch as only using the one colour but oh no - keep missing by one stitch and then having to backtrack - hopefully i've got all the gremlins out now!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

back to school

Well - that is it, summer is officially over and it doesn't even feel like it started. The kids are back at school today - Neve in P5 and Joe in P2 - it's grey and miserable - oh joy.

We had a good week the week before last though as i took the week off work and actually got stuff done i had planned to.

Painted my bedroom a pale yellow colour, just another quick coat and I can actually get a carpet in - it's only taken me five years to do this .

We took a day trip to Millport which is on a little isle just up the coast from us - the kids had great fun going on the ferry and then of course on the way back at Largs we had to have a fish supper sitting on esplanade polished off with an extremely nice ice-cream - if you are ever in the west coast of Scotland head to Nardini's - so nice!

Also headed down to North Wales for the weekend to catch up with some friends - a good time was had by all with much eating and of course a few beers to wash it down with..

Been stitching on Ink Circles Bramble Rose and just about finished the first page and now working a bit on my HAED. Will have to change my rotation slightly though as am planning on doing a Homer Simpson piece for our friends in Wales boy - he is a big Simpson fan - so want to make a start on this. Also doing an exchange for Friendly Stitchers - I have a plan for this which i hope will work well - again better start this soon so if it doesn't work I can go on to plan B!