WIPocalpyse 2012

Monday, 29 March 2010

disneyland paris - day trip to paris

While staying at Disneyland we took the train into Paris as the kids were desperate to go up the Eiffel Tower - we all walked up to the first floor but only Joe and Lee made it up to the second floor -I'm still too much of a scaredy cat and decided that the first floor is perfectly good enough lol! I swear it's got bigger since i was there last.

We took the open top bus around the city which was great as you get such a great perspective of all the stunning buildings - also a good laugh watching the manic traffic and suicidal bikers..they just drive wherever.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

it's saturday

Just a couple of WIPs piccies - here's homer

- going to take him with me on holiday next week. Now can you answer me this - are all stitchers like me in that when it comes to packing the first thing that gets decided is what stitching to take lol! nothing important like passports or tickets or clothes lol..

did a little bit more on my HAED but have now added this and my Ink circles back into rotation so i shall be showing them both a bit of love in the next few weeks, they have been poorly neglected..

we enjoyed ourselves immensely at my cousin's wedding - the venue was lovely, food great and best of all great catching up with my dad's family as we don't seem them that often - we stayed over in Glasgow which meant i could indulge in a couple of drinks or five and got back down the road first thing on Sunday
off now to pick up my car - just put it in for a service and it now needs a new tyre as got a nail stuck in one -aah! and a mount for the engine needs replaced - it is neverending - thank god for credit cards...
hope you are all having a good weekend