WIPocalpyse 2012

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Goodness i've made it to 100 posts - it's taken me a bit of time but got there in the end lol!  Been working away on Bramble and The Rose for the last few days - don't know what it is about this piece but the frogs certainly love it - drives me to distraction,  anyway it is now away for another month - here's hoping october is a frog free month.. 

am now working on a needlebook for an exchange over on Friendly Stitchers - and been printing out instructions on how to make it up - making up things is not my forte but these instructions seem pretty foolproof to me - (famous last words lol!)

right, off to watch The X Factor now - loving this series with the new judges, specially Gary - he has certainly matured well ha ha...

night night all


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Well it's a new month so time for a bit of an update with this and that -


The kids went back to school in middle of August and along with that goes all the out of school stuff - Beavers, Guides, swimming, parent association stuff, and Neve is now a full member of the figure skating club which means she can go up to four times a week - I don't think lol, two or three at a push is enough for us!  I am all for her practising and doing well at it but i still want her to enjoy it not think of it as a chore.

It's now getting very autumnal here i.e grey clouds, rain, wind - not much different from our summer actually just a bit colder - very dreich as we would say - had to actually give up and stop wearing my sandals and get into shoes - a sad day..

A wee bit of good news

Yesterday I got a letter to say i had won a trip to Berlin to see Bruno Mars in concert - am not too fussy re the Bruno Mars bit but quite excited about seeing a bit of Berlin, although it will be just a wee bit unfortunately as it is only for one night and the flight is quite early coming back, - i shall have to go and learn a wee bit of German as it is pretty non-existent at the moment..

Being a stitcher of course my first thought was - wonder if there are any good LNS in Berlin lol! Does everyone else think like this when they head somewhere new?


A couple of WIP's progesses for you: 

I joined up over at Love 4 Stitch Alongs forum as a bit of an incentive to work on a couple of pieces i have been neglecting recently so have adapted my rotation somewhat to fit them in - managed a little bit on my chatelaine
And this is where i got to for the summer exchange on Needlecraft Haven - just a wee bit more to go

okay that's me for tonight - off to watch The Soprano's before bed. 

giveaway results

Ok folks -  i have used the tried and tested sophisticated method of sticking everyone's name in an envelope and pulling one out - works every time!

So for "Irresitible Gifts to Stitch" - we have Christina in Miami

and for "Christmas Card Ideas" - we have Teejay

i will be in touch for you snail mail address.  Hope you both enjoy these.