WIPocalpyse 2012

Friday, 27 March 2009

Well, what did i do in March:-
  • Baby sampler still finished, still not framed
  • Twilight Shimmer -
  • Christmas Stocking -
  • Started on Bent Creek April Flows -
  • Started on Karen's round robin - she has asked us to stitch up either welcome or home sweet home etc. Found a chart from an old Crosstitcher which I am adapting a bit - think it will work pretty nicely - picture up when done.

To do in April:-

  • carry on with rotation
  • finish April Flows
  • stitch and send Fair and Square round 12
  • finish and send Karen's rr
All this seems quite doable and i have just over a week off work for the easter holidays - yay! Lot's of nice stitching done -well that is the plan. Whether or not i will succeed is another thing.

I have also entered a half marathon midnight walk in May which is in aid of The Ayrshire Hospice so have been out training with my friends for that - so far so good, we got a bit carried away at the weekend and ended up being out for about three hours which we weren't really prepared for - we were just about crawling back up the road - however the weather was nice and it was a lovely country walk - i have to admit i was so surprised as it is only a couple of miles from town and you felt you were in the middle of nowhere - we ended up just outside Oswald Hall, one of the pictures on here - http://www.ayrshirepaths.org.uk/gallery.htm. We're planning to walk out to Troon on Sunday along the coast and up by the golf courses - here's hoping the weather holds out.

Right, need to send off my sister's birthday present, get some ironing done and then enjoy the rest of my day off.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Baby sampler finished

It's finally finished - thought i was never going to get there - there wasn't too much to it, just felt like it was dragging - anyway now just need to get it framed...

Now on to some new stuff, well i'll carry on with the Christmas stocking and little bits and bobs and we are about to start a new round robin on Ally's round robin - I have chosen an advent calender which is made up of 25 little pillows , so i'll get a few stitched up for me and then finish it all of at some point..it's from Crossstitcher magazine from last year. Looking forward to seeing everyone's choices.