WIPocalpyse 2012

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

off on my hols

Off on my hols today - will update stitchy stuff on my return

Sunday, 21 June 2009

finished and framed

Okay this is the wedding sampler now framed -picked up the frame in hobbycraft,was only about £6 so was really chuffed at how it came out..

This is my part of Lynda's round robin (from Ally's round robin group) - she chose to do Dickens's Mittens from Cross -eyed Cricket - think that's the name of the design - don't quote me on it lol! I have done Ghost of Christmas Past - will get this of in the post before i go on my hols.

This was me all ready for a night at the races - we had such a good time. It was the Saints and Sinners race night at Ayr Racecourse on Friday there, we had o
won tickets at one of their Christmas parties last year when i was with some of the ladies i work with - it was such good fun, i had a winner in the first race but then zilch but we all won something in each race - it was lovely seeing everyone dressed up, some of the dresses worn were absolutely goregous - it's one of the few places you could go and not be overdressed, the bigger the better.. mind my feet were absolutely killing me by the end of it - i just can't cope with heels!
Getting ready for my hols now, as we go a week on Tuesday - got my tickets the other day - I am so excited, still can't believe I actually won it... Turkey here we come! Just now to decide what stitching to take ...
thanks all for taking the time to read my warblings and commenting - always much appreciated.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

yay a finish!

First of all some touristy pictures from my recent trip to London - it's years since i had visited and with the sun shining i have to admit that London was looking pretty good - we were staying up at wembley and hadn't known the play-offs for the championship and premier league were on - that was fun trying to get through the crowds to get to the hotel lol!

now this here is a real life finish - yah! and on time big yay! This is Bent Creeks "I do" which is for a friends wedding next weekend - i was up at Glasgow at the weekend so went over to Hobbycraft and bought a frame for it so will now spend this weekend getting very frustrated trying to get it into the frame without making a total hash of it - the price of professional framing though is so prohibitive so it's a diy job or nothing at all..

Wasn't sure if i had shown this, i had the baby sampler for my friends wee boy made into a hanging - i added a piece of bamboo at the top and she finally received it there at the weekend. She was really pleased with it and i was chuffed that i had actually managed to get it to her before Arran's first birthday
My June goals are coming along and tonight i should finish the rr -with Lee working backshifts now I am getting plenty of quality stitching time which i am loving - so should have another finish to show off soon...