WIPocalpyse 2012

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

a finish and a guilty pleasure

Well another finish for 2008 - my DMC Japanese Anemones - really chuffed i finally got this done, now i just need to get it off to the framers at some point... am now working on a round robin (Ally's part - Cats & Quilts from Diane Graebner) which should be finished up this week and then I can get back on to my rotation...have finally got round to getting the fabric for Joe's christmas stocking and ended up with the recommended 18ct aida as I just couldn't afford to get 36ct evenweave at the mo (the only place i had seen a navy 36ct was silkweavers, gorgeous but pricey!!) - I haven't used aida for so long, will have to remember just to go across one!..

as per the topic off the week, i will have to admit to my guilty pleasure probably being watching "Neighbours", I've watched this for years and just love my 25mins of mindless tv... after a day at work and the kids nipping you, you can just switch on and tune out - bliss!! Oh and eating biscuits for breakfast - rubbish for the diet but fun all the same...

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I hate cleaning my bathroom!

This is my small but pefectly formed bathroom - which i hate cleaning! However i have to admit i had to give in this morning and get the cleaner out - it is now nice and shiny - how long that will last who knows lol! Other than that I don't mind housework too much - the only other chore i hate more is removing any little presents that my cat leaves in the garden (mice etc...) that is definitely a dh job!!