WIPocalpyse 2012

Thursday, 28 August 2008

time to embrace my inner geekiness

Okay it is time to make it official - i really am a geek! I have tried to deny it over the years but it just catches up with you eventually.. this has been revealed by the pleasure i have received by getting some new a-z index cards at work, and am happily sitting here updating all my files -i think it is time to go home and lie down in a darkened room. Now when it comes to be a neat freak with stitching stash, i feel that is a perfectly acceptable state of mind to be in but when it is work related i know i have turned a corner..

picked up this book last night at ASDA and started reading it last night - so far so good, it has hooked me enough that i will keep on with it tonight and completely ignore the family (as i see it though i am encouraging my children to read by showing them a good example lol). However i am itching to do some stitching and watch the last of Britain From Above that i sky+'d the other night so it may have to be squeezed in somewhere..
my baby sampler is coming on nicely - will post a progress piccie at the weekend..

Thursday, 21 August 2008

I need chocolate

Well - the kids have been back at school for less than a week and them getting up and ready in the morning is already driving me to distraction, then i get to work and it's not much better - why can people not follow simple instructions aaah! I think I need some chocolate just to calm me down lol.. and to add to it all I've had to be out every night either at meetings or work and so have hardly had a chance to get any stitching done, all I need is a half hour with my stitching and i am a totally relaxed person..

i hope you are all having a better week than me!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Okay some photos to add - my lovely squares from Nicola which i am planning to make into my first pinkeep, they are so nice - thanks very much. This was my first exchange with Fair and Square and I am really pleased i joined - I think i'll sign up for Christmas as well.

I have a couple of other finishes to make up as well so i headed off to my LNS yesterday and picked up some batting and i think i will tackle this either next weekend or the following - now up until now my finishing always turns into a bit of a nightmare but having studied some tutorials I am feeling more confident! I just have to remember to have a little bit of patience ... not one of my virtues ..

next is a WIP update of my wee boy's Christmas stocking - all that stitching round the star drove me crazy..

and last is my completed round robin that arrived back a couple of weeks ago - this was stitched by the girls in Allys Round Robin - Lynda, Marguerite, Ally, Kaye and Karen - it's quite big and i haven't decided yet what to do with it - a pillow is looking like a good idea though..
so that's my stitching up to date - also nearly finished a little christmas ornament which just needs some beads added and started on the baby sampler and a bookmark - watching all the olympics is a great excuse for lots of stitching - these olympics have been great so far, go Team GB
It's my wee boys first day at school tomorrow so need to go sort out his uniform - Oh i can feel me getting emotional already lol!!
Thanks to all for stopping by and for commenting, always much appreciated.

Monday, 4 August 2008

a mini hd

Well at last I have finished part 1 of Chatelaine St Petersburg, it's taken a while but has now enthused me to get on with the rest, however i'm working on Joe's Christmas Stocking at the moment, and waiting for the fabric and some more threads for my friends baby sampler..

I have also heard from my F&S partner Nicola that she received her squares so can now show them:

i adapted a pattern out of World of Cross Stitch, a mediterranean theme using yellows and blue and as i started it whilst on holiday in Menorca i thought it was very appropriate!

I would also like to thank Lynda for her Kreativ Blogger award - I will opt out of forwarding this on as I feel that I am pretty new to blogging but would direct you all to the blogs in my reader - as I read them all, I like them all lol!

I'm enjoying my few days off work - took the kids up to Glasgow last week to the Kelvingrove art musuem and museum of transport, they enjoyed themselves and then we headed back into Glasgow and stuffed ourselves at DiMaggio's (which kind of blew the whole cheap day out thing but was worth it lol!) , yesterday we headed down the beach for a walk and then dropped into Culzean which is a large country park just down the road from us as Joe loves the big park to play in. Today I think we are heading back down the beach as Neve wants to practice her bike riding while the sun is actually shining and might actually squeeze in a bit more stitching as well, I love being off work...