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Friday, 25 July 2008

it is actually summer

Well we have actually got a bit of summer around here - I've even had to get the fan on in the office as opposed to the heating - after work i plan to take a trip down the beach and see if the crazy golf is open, haven't played it for years and saw that it was back open a few weeks ago. After that i think a trip to Renaldo's for some totally yummy ice cream is in order... Hopefully this will last for a few more days as I'm off next week for a couple of days - my plan is to take the kids up to Glasgow and visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery and the Musuem of Transport - making the most of all the free places! i also have ideas of visiting Edinburgh or if it is nice maybe take the ferry over to Arran or Millport.. then i have to actually remember to get some school shoes before they all sell out - this summer is flying by and Joe will be in Primary 1 before i know it..

I was up in Glasgow on Sunday as I wanted to visit my friend Pauline before she had her baby - well i texted her to let her know i was on my way only for me to arrive to find her with bags packed and the annoucement that her waters had just broke! (she was only 36wks) So about turn we went and I somehow managed to find my way to the Royal Infirmary - omg it's a complete maze and i dropped her and bf off and then had to try and park and then find them again - finally caught up with them and then hung about for about an hour before she was seen - baby decided not to make an appearance then but did appear on Tuesday morning - so I will try and get back up and see her and baby Arran very soon... my sampler appeared yesterday so will have to start it sooner than i had planned!

On the stitching front i have finished my exchange and will get it off in the post this weekend hopefully, and actually did some work on Chatelaine St Petes - i am nearly finished part 1 now (only another 12 to go lol!) - I've also got a couple more of Neve's skating badges to put on before she starts back and then her brownie badges - considering i love cross stitch, i hate actual sewing so it always gets left behind.

Okay nearly time to finish work - yeah!!


  1. Have a wonderful time with the children, and yes, it is lovely to have some summer. We've waited long enough for it. KNow what you mean about "normal" sewing. Finally sewn the buttons onto my sons shirt that had come off and hemmed the trousers. Not sure how long they have been waiting

  2. Hi Maureen...if you visit my blog you will find a surprise there for you!


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