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Thursday, 28 August 2008

time to embrace my inner geekiness

Okay it is time to make it official - i really am a geek! I have tried to deny it over the years but it just catches up with you eventually.. this has been revealed by the pleasure i have received by getting some new a-z index cards at work, and am happily sitting here updating all my files -i think it is time to go home and lie down in a darkened room. Now when it comes to be a neat freak with stitching stash, i feel that is a perfectly acceptable state of mind to be in but when it is work related i know i have turned a corner..

picked up this book last night at ASDA and started reading it last night - so far so good, it has hooked me enough that i will keep on with it tonight and completely ignore the family (as i see it though i am encouraging my children to read by showing them a good example lol). However i am itching to do some stitching and watch the last of Britain From Above that i sky+'d the other night so it may have to be squeezed in somewhere..
my baby sampler is coming on nicely - will post a progress piccie at the weekend..

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