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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

finally framed

Okay - a little update. First off here's baby sampler's progress -

i made a start (just a small one but it's a start) on twilight shimmer ...

and last but not least here is my TW Celtic Knots which i have had back for quite a while but only just got framed - this was done as part of a round robin from Ally's Round Robin - big huge thanks to Karen, Ally, Mylene and Lynda for their contribution to this - I am so pleased with it!


  1. Fabulous stitching Maureen and the celtic knots are just lovely the framing really makes them stand out, you should be very proud. I have just bought a Celtic Cross Stitch book.

  2. The framed piece looks gorgeous. I can't believe i am one of the stitcher's, it looks soo difficult.
    Your baby sampler is looking great.

  3. Love your stitching, great progress on both the pieces. I just love your framed piece. It looks gorgeous framed! Great job!


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