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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

yay a finish!

First of all some touristy pictures from my recent trip to London - it's years since i had visited and with the sun shining i have to admit that London was looking pretty good - we were staying up at wembley and hadn't known the play-offs for the championship and premier league were on - that was fun trying to get through the crowds to get to the hotel lol!

now this here is a real life finish - yah! and on time big yay! This is Bent Creeks "I do" which is for a friends wedding next weekend - i was up at Glasgow at the weekend so went over to Hobbycraft and bought a frame for it so will now spend this weekend getting very frustrated trying to get it into the frame without making a total hash of it - the price of professional framing though is so prohibitive so it's a diy job or nothing at all..

Wasn't sure if i had shown this, i had the baby sampler for my friends wee boy made into a hanging - i added a piece of bamboo at the top and she finally received it there at the weekend. She was really pleased with it and i was chuffed that i had actually managed to get it to her before Arran's first birthday
My June goals are coming along and tonight i should finish the rr -with Lee working backshifts now I am getting plenty of quality stitching time which i am loving - so should have another finish to show off soon...


  1. The wedding sampler is wonderful, so different from the normal ones. Love what you've done with the birth sampler, I still haven't completed mine from our 1st son and he's 5 in July let alone the next 2 babies!!

  2. Congrats on your finishes! The wedding sampler is so unique, I'm sure they'll love it. The birth sampler is very unusual too, you find the neatest things! Lovely stitching too! Isn't London wonderful in the sunshine? Thanks for sharing! *Hugs* DJ

  3. Wow - on a finishing frenzie, aren't you? Very nice samplers - I'm sure the recipients will be happy and proud. You should be, too!

  4. Great finish and photos of your London visit! I will have to make time for another visit to the capital, i've only been twice and loved it there's so much to see! did you go on the eye?


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