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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

back from hols

Well we made it to Turkey and back - when we got to the airport and we got given our boarding passes i was so exicted, all along i kept thinking this is not real, they are going to turn us away!
The hotel was lush - it was so relaxing, we had a two bedroomed room so plenty of space for us and the kids and the pool area was huge with plenty of gardens and slides to keep the kids occupied. Weather was hot and hot and then a bit hotter.. the only thing wrong was that it was too nice, i'll never be able to afford something like that again! Will just have to keep entering comps and try and win another one lol!
On the stitching front - i did nothing on hols, just caught up on reading.. however since i've been back i've started on Ink Circles Bramble Rose -doing this on 32ct white with Carries Creations Island Breeze - it's such a nice easy stitch which is making a change from my HAED - aah! Was looking at it last night and thought something is just not right, so checked one of the colours and sure enough it was the wrong shade so spent most of last night trying to unpick a patch - so frustrating but glad i noticed now and not after i had done the whole page.. after i have sorted that out though i should be able to get through the rest of the first page easy enough..she says with fingers crossed...

While i was away i received this from Cindy Mae:

Thank you ever so much Cindy, this is very much appreciated.. now i have to nominate 7 others so here goes:
I do love reading everybody's blogs though - it's great keeping up with everyone's goings on and seeing all the fab stitching progress and i appreciate all your comments..


  1. Thank you :)

    Glad you had a great holiday, our ex-neighbour has a holiday home in Turkey and goes for 6wks a year. She adores it. One thing about the british weather is that at least we get lots of stitching time when its wet/cold!

    ooooh good job you noticed the wrong shade, I hate it when I end up unpicking loads, puts me off a project if I've noticed it too late and it ends up in a UFO pile.

  2. Your holiday pics look great! Look at that blue sky! We went to Turkey 2 years ago and loved it

  3. Thank you, Maureen, how lovely! I just noticed your favourite book - A Town Like Alice - mine too! Watching the film my mum said I begain to cry when the title went up on the screen and I continued until the credits! Nevil Shute write great books, I need to reread some! Thanks again for the award!

  4. Thank you Maureen - what a nice surprise to be nominated. :) Thanx again. :)

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!! I acutally have another award for you on my blog. Check out the July 17th post!


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