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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

back to school

Well - that is it, summer is officially over and it doesn't even feel like it started. The kids are back at school today - Neve in P5 and Joe in P2 - it's grey and miserable - oh joy.

We had a good week the week before last though as i took the week off work and actually got stuff done i had planned to.

Painted my bedroom a pale yellow colour, just another quick coat and I can actually get a carpet in - it's only taken me five years to do this .

We took a day trip to Millport which is on a little isle just up the coast from us - the kids had great fun going on the ferry and then of course on the way back at Largs we had to have a fish supper sitting on esplanade polished off with an extremely nice ice-cream - if you are ever in the west coast of Scotland head to Nardini's - so nice!

Also headed down to North Wales for the weekend to catch up with some friends - a good time was had by all with much eating and of course a few beers to wash it down with..

Been stitching on Ink Circles Bramble Rose and just about finished the first page and now working a bit on my HAED. Will have to change my rotation slightly though as am planning on doing a Homer Simpson piece for our friends in Wales boy - he is a big Simpson fan - so want to make a start on this. Also doing an exchange for Friendly Stitchers - I have a plan for this which i hope will work well - again better start this soon so if it doesn't work I can go on to plan B!


  1. Mine have still got another 2.5wks to go before school starts...SIGH! Hope you get lots of stitching time now yours are back.

  2. Well i live about 10minutes away from Largs! Hope theyve survived the first week back at school

  3. Maureen ,its nice having a few days away isn't it. Glad you had a good time. Lucky you having school starting so early. My DS doesn't go back til nesxt Thursday,(can't wait)....more stitching time.



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