WIPocalpyse 2012

Friday, 6 May 2011


so what have i been up to for the past wee while :


- stitched and finished Bent Creek "May Blooms" which is now hanging up at my work

- Solar System now has uranus, pluto, venus and saturn, think i am heading over to jupiter next

- HAED qs twilight shimmer has been having a wee bit of work on her, about half way through page 3

- Ink Circles bramble and rose has made it on to page 4

i've been very disciplined and sticking to my rotation days so with the bent creek finish i now have a thurs and friday free - so tonight i am going to make a start on bent creek "i do" sampler for my niece's wedding. This isn't till end of July but this gives me plenty of time to get it done and then framed.


same old same old. ended up with loads of time off in April between annual leave, easter public holidays and of course the good ole royal wedding (could really do with one of those every year) so it feels like april just disappeared from us. have actually had to work a full five days this week, i'm exhausted lol!


the plastering is now finished in the living room and got the painter coming on 1 june to paint walls and varnish doors, now just have to pick a colour - thinking of going for a pale blue grey but this could change, this and picking tiles for the kitchen have been the hardest decisions to make..
now officially ran out of money so the rest of the house will be on hold for the forseeable. Especially as my car needs a pile of work done on it and it looks like it's going to be going to the big car heaven instead and a new (well new to me) car bought instead - oh the joys!

plan for the weekend

lee working next three nights so telly and stitching is the order of the day. Am loving the new series of Doctor Who, the kids have been pretty freaked out by it - oh the hours of entertainment i can have scaring the pants off them by sneaking up with masks on, great fun ha ha!

right off to catch up on the soaps and have dinner - have a good weekend all


  1. oooo lovely :) well done on scaring the kids ..lol .. good luck with the colour and sorry to hear about the car .... love mouse xxx
    ps enjoy your stitching time :)

  2. Great progress on your stitching.
    My kids are too old to be actually scared br Dr Who but we love it all the same

  3. Your WIP's are coming along great!


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