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Sunday, 12 June 2011

went for a walk up a wee hill

Looking south down Loch Lomond towards Glasgow

Heading up - this looking north up Loch Lomond

Up the top - unfortunately a bit misty

Well yesterday I officially bagged my first Munro - climbing up Ben Lomond. I have never done any kind of hillwalking before so this was a bit of an eye opener lol! and omg my legs are killing me today... still i have that lovely feeling of smug satisfaction at having done it but am in no rush to do it again. (maybe hillwalking is like childbirth - you forget the pain after the first time..)We were lucky in that the weather was clear right up until we got to the summit and then the rain and cloud came in but still some pretty spectacular views could be seen. Took about 6 hours up and down (including lots of breaks, which were so needed, did think that my lungs were going to explode at some points).

today i was hoping to have a bit of a relaxing day but forgot i had promised dd Neve i would take her shopping to Braehead - getting stuff ready for our hols in two weeks - yay!

have also decided to buy a kindle (credit card here we come) - been using it on my phone for the last wee while and really like it but fancy having the full size one which will be easier for bigger books.

right off to have a shower, if i can get up the stairs.


  1. ooooo well done that girl :) views fab :) hope you managed to get shopping ;) and enjoy your kindle karen raves about hers :) love mouse xxxxx

  2. Isn't it wonderful to be able to say I have done it. One of my items on my bucket list is to visit your country.
    The pictures are great.

  3. Congratulations, that's quite an achievment.

  4. Fabulous photos Maureen, congratulations on making it up and down. We can't wait to get back to Scotland in the summer. Enjoy your kindle, couldn't be without mine now xx

  5. Well done, Maureen, quite a climb! Enjoy your Kindle, I have it on my iPad and love it, especially with all this traveling I seem to be doing!

  6. oh !! well done Maureen - that is some climb ..
    Val x

  7. beautiful pictures.....wow!!!!!
    keep up the walking!!!! I know it hurts for a while, but oh the benefits!!!


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