WIPocalpyse 2012

Sunday, 7 August 2011

wip update

Right thought it was about time to actually have some stitching photo's. These are the current four pieces in
 my rotation

The Solar System which i am doing for ds Joe

This is the summer exchange piece from Needlecraft Haven - just loving the green fabric which is a bit brighter than it  shows here
 This is for the consultant i work for who is off sick at the mo and she does love her coffee

and this is the HAED BB SK SAL - i chose Rapunzel and have made a tiny start so far on page 1. 

Have felt very productive this weekend, cleaned the car and got the garden sorted as much as I could yesterday till the rain started, tackled some of the iron mountain and then got some good stitching in and then managed to actually watch a whole film last night - Sherlock Holmes, really enjoyed it as well..

Today got Neve to skating and then sorted out the credit cards - well, moved them all about to % transfers - maybe one day they will actually be paid off, - (oops watch out for that flying pig)  and now going to pick up dh from work, get dinner sorted and get another couple of hours stitching in and back to work in the morning - the joys.

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  1. All your progress is great! I esp. love the coffee piece! Who is the designer?

  2. Lovely stitching! LOL at the coffee design

  3. Wow you are doing some pretty challenging stitching there Mausie. I have an awesome HAED piece but am so affraid to start it!!!!

  4. Great projects that you're working on. The black must be pretty challenging to stitch on! I absolutely love your coffee design. Who is the designer?

  5. I lvoe the solar system! That would be so up my other half's alley!

  6. Your solar system is really coming along now, it's gonna be a masterpiece when it's done. Adore the coffee design, better not show DH!

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog!! I appreciate it..
    all of your pieces look great....love them!!! The coffee one is super!!


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