WIPocalpyse 2012

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Well it's a new month so time for a bit of an update with this and that -


The kids went back to school in middle of August and along with that goes all the out of school stuff - Beavers, Guides, swimming, parent association stuff, and Neve is now a full member of the figure skating club which means she can go up to four times a week - I don't think lol, two or three at a push is enough for us!  I am all for her practising and doing well at it but i still want her to enjoy it not think of it as a chore.

It's now getting very autumnal here i.e grey clouds, rain, wind - not much different from our summer actually just a bit colder - very dreich as we would say - had to actually give up and stop wearing my sandals and get into shoes - a sad day..

A wee bit of good news

Yesterday I got a letter to say i had won a trip to Berlin to see Bruno Mars in concert - am not too fussy re the Bruno Mars bit but quite excited about seeing a bit of Berlin, although it will be just a wee bit unfortunately as it is only for one night and the flight is quite early coming back, - i shall have to go and learn a wee bit of German as it is pretty non-existent at the moment..

Being a stitcher of course my first thought was - wonder if there are any good LNS in Berlin lol! Does everyone else think like this when they head somewhere new?


A couple of WIP's progesses for you: 

I joined up over at Love 4 Stitch Alongs forum as a bit of an incentive to work on a couple of pieces i have been neglecting recently so have adapted my rotation somewhat to fit them in - managed a little bit on my chatelaine
And this is where i got to for the summer exchange on Needlecraft Haven - just a wee bit more to go

okay that's me for tonight - off to watch The Soprano's before bed. 


  1. Congratulations on your big win! I can't wait to see the fruits of your German stash hunt. :) Have much fun!

    Lovely stitching!!!!

  2. oooo would have been my first thought too hahaha ... all you have to remember is zwei beer bitte ;) eeee you forgot about meeting up with us and that huge ice cream hahahah ..lol love mouse xxxx

  3. Wow a trip to Berlin, you lucky thing!
    Great work on your WIPs

  4. It's becoming more like autumn here, too. The leaves are turning and falling. Corn and soybeans are turning also. Temps are getting cooler -- which is OK for the daytime, but not night. Brr, lol.

    Your stitching looks great!

  5. Oooh congrats on winning those tickets. Enjoy Berlin! :) Love seeing your stitching.... looking forward to seeing more. :)


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