WIPocalpyse 2012

Sunday, 29 April 2012

May day

Okay catch up time

Been very good and keeping pretty much to my rotation - have worked a bit more on my Mirabilia Maiden - she now has a head but no eyes - like to leave bringing her to life until it is all complete. 

I've had a finish with my CCN Joy - this was a nice quick finish, don't know whey i hadn't stuck with it at the time - why does that happen, it was literally a couple of days work to do on it but it had been cast aside - I'm sure i had a good reason at the time, just can't remember why lol...

Now working on my HAED Rapunzel - maybe next month I'll get started on her hair - yay.. after all that is what Rapunzel is all about.  I picked up another HAED recently - Mini Sister Moon - it was while there was a 30% sale and just couldn't resist.  

I also had a nice surprise in the post this week in the form of a portable Daylight lamp,won from a Crossstitching.com competition. It's well smart!

Non-stitchy stuff
Myself and my dd Neve (and her friend) are taking part in our local Midnight Walk in May - we're doing the 9 mile walk as i reckon that is enough for all of us.  This is to raise money for The Ayrshire Hospice which provides hospice care here in Ayr. I have set up a fundraising page via Just Giving and any support given for this would me much appreciated. 

I now need to get off my backside and do a bit of walking before hand - with this in mind I have added a weight loss page on here to try and keep me motivated - I plan to check in each Sunday to plot my progress and how that week has gone - good or bad! I'm hoping that putting it out here will help it be good every week.. here goes

If anyone wants to join me in this please feel free. The more the merrier. 


  1. They allo look beautiful, hope the walk goes well.

  2. Great stitching! Good luck with the walk

  3. Your WiPs are coming along beautifully. Congrats on a lovely finish. Good luck with the walk.


  4. Congratulations on your finish and wishing you well for your walk and the weight loss

  5. Congrats on your finish. I've always thought that was a cute design.

    Good luck with your walk for charity. 9 miles isn't that far ;-)

    Oh, and congrats on winning the lamp. Very nice.

  6. Hi

    Just visiting your blog.

    Your WIPS are lovely.
    Your finish is great!
    Good luck with the walk.

  7. Ohh I have the Joy piece I should really stitch that the colours are so wonderful!

    Your WIPs are looking great!


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