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Friday, 8 June 2012

busy busy

Well this last week has been a bit busy for us all - we spent the weekend down at The Trafford Centre at Manchester which turned out to be really good fun.  Now a shopping centre is not normally where I would choose to spend a weekend but we were well impressed with all it had to offer. 

The main reason for going was that I had won tickets a good while back for a couple of the attractions there, namely Legoland Discovery Centre and Aerial Extreme, so we booked a couple of cheap nights in a local premier inn and decided to make a stay out of it.   

As you can imagine my 8 year old lego daft boy was delighted with the Discovery Centre, but primarily the shop lol..  he couldn't spend his money quickly enough. 

after that we took headed to the Aerial Extreme course which is a treetop obstacle course.  Now I will hold my hands up and admit I am a total wuss when it comes to these things, and I opted not to take part (I didn't like roundabouts as a child, there is no way you would be getting up on something like that lol!) .   DD Neve and DH Lee did decide to go for it, Neve went round as if she was taking a stroll, zipwires the lot - Lee made it round but had a bit of a wobble over the first zipwire - I was trying to film him while not peeing myself laughing .... (which is a bit of a cheek on my part when I wouldn't even try it!) but all in all they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Other than that we visited the shops, ate well, went to see Snow White and The Huntsman and spent loads..

Also last week it had been my DD's P7 prom  - a great wee night was had by all..


  1. Looks like you had fun up in the trees!

  2. I didn't know they had a legoland there. My DD is madly collecting the lego super hero minifigs at the moment and she's 18!
    Neve looks lovely in her prom dress

  3. What a great post, Maureen. I would love to do that up in the trees. It sounds fabulous. Glad everyone had a good time. I've heard Legoland is fabulous. Your daughter is just darling, too. Great pics of her!

  4. I didnt know about the lego place either! I went to uni in Manchester, love the trafford centre.
    Your daughter looks so lovely!

  5. Can't believe how grown-up Neve looks! Hope she had a fab time at her prom. As for the zipwire I'd actually like to have a go - you can hold my bag if you want roflmao!!! Hugs, Ally xx

  6. Done a zip wire and yes, terrifying. Neve looks gorgeous and love the one with her "best" guy!

  7. Lucky you to win a wonderful experience for your family. It looks like everyone had so much fun. Wonderful stitching during a wonderful life. Have a great day! Newfie Princess


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