WIPocalpyse 2012

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Last week I worked on my Maidens of the Season spring - I am so loving stitching this but decided to put it down to work on one of my haeds over the next couple of weeks - if finishing was an olmpyic sport I am afraid I wouldn't be getting any gold medals soon lol..

Finished up at work on Friday there for a couple of weeks, so far so nice - just pottering about and pretty much wall to wall olympic watching going on, this is proving well for stitching time thankfully.

Spent a nice day shopping in Glasgow with dd Neve yesterday - managed not to spend too much money! Planning on painting my bedroom next week (or more likely just buying the paint..)  and very excited as getting new bedroom doors fitted over the weekend.  We have been in this house for 9 years now and this will be the first time we actually have had a door in every room that you can actually close - it's these little things that make me happy lol!

Leave you with a picture of my mirabilia wip.. 


  1. I really am getting the benefit of the licence fee this week! Glad you are too! Here's to all frogs staying far far away!

  2. Its is suprising how it is always the little things that give us so much pleasure. Unf I am not 1 who gets to watch all the olympics as were not willing to pay the high cost of the subscription to get all the channels. I sooo wish I could be watching gymnastics but ahh well.

    1. We're fortunate that here in the UK we can watch as much as we can on the BBC - in fact it is a little bit too much at times! I think they have about 24 channels going on at any one time...

  3. Wish I could watch the Olympics in the uk., but not too bad on Eurosport. Great stitching


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