WIPocalpyse 2012

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WIPacolapyse 2012

Well it appears that the end of the world seems to have past us by without too much fuss so I hereby present my sum up of my 2012 wipocalpyse stitching . Note the use of the word stitching not finishing as to be truthful there wasn't much of that happening this year but there's always next year. Warning - lots of pics!

1.  Pinoy - Don't Make Me Kill You
 Finished yay!
2. Chatelaine - White Nights in St Petersburg   -  part 4 done, part 5 started

3. HAED - SK Rapunzel
  page 1 completed
4. Artecy - Solar System

 Another finish

5. Mirabilia - Maidens of the Season Spring

6. HAED - QS Twilight Shimmer

7. CCN Joy

8. Victoria Sampler - Jazz Tuffet
 Finished (no start picture)
9. Ink Circles - Bramble and Rose

10. HAED QS Siberian Forest

11. Bent Creek Snapper - June Zooms

Started and finished

12. West End Embroidery - Tile
Didn't get a look in

So overall not too bad - have really enjoyed taking part in this and already planning for 2013!


  1. Well done on your projects, you've got some lovely finishes there and lots of progress on the WIPs

  2. They look incredible, I love the coffee one, where's that from? Just like me!

  3. Great progress on all your Wipocolypse projects!

  4. Oh thats great to see the progress! Ive just signed up for 2012

  5. I love your finishes, and you made tons of progress on a lot of BAPs! I'll always think of Pluto as a planet, so I'm glad you included it in the solar system! Congrats on much beautiful stitching, and Happy 2013!

  6. Goodness, girl, don't be so modest, some huge undertakings there, think you did really well, and here's to much more in 2013!

  7. Wow! What gorgeous WIPs and finishes - you are one talented lady!


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