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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

November - December

So another year is coming to an end - all in all its been a good one, nothing dramatic happening, spent lots of money on a shiny new bathroom so now permanently skint but hey whats new!

In November I took a trip down to Harrogate in Yorkshire to visit some stitchy friends and attend a stitching show. Myself, Mouse, Ally and Sandra spent a great couple of days in a lovely little house just off the centre of Town.  We ate and chatted and actually did some stitching..   As for the show I visited it on the Saturday morning but it was very busy and hard to get round all the exhibitors.  I did get what I was after though which was from fabric from Sparklies .   Mouse was laughing though that I went all they way to Yorkshire only to get one piece of fabric but to be honest I have all the stash I need at present and I really just like to go for the chat!  

So with the fabric I bought I started one of Nora Corbett's Reindeer "Donner" stitched on Sparklies Charcoal Slate Opalescent (which is just perfect - thanks to Kate for picking this one out) and stitched on it throughout December - I didn't get it finished in time for getting it up with the decorations so have popped it away until next year. I really can't stitch anything Christmas related once the day is past.  I am a bit bah humbug and just want it all over and done with come Boxing Day!

I am now trying to finish up a page on my Rapunzel Haed so I have all new page starts for the new year along with a new start.  

I hope you all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a happy new year xx  


  1. Donner looks amazing! I love the fabric you chose for it. Once again, happy new year to you. I hope 2015 brings everything you want it to. xx

  2. Harrogate was fun wasn't it and love how Donner is turning out and can't wait to see it fully finished :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Mm, Mouse would have a hard time understanding the word "one" lol when it comes to fabric!
    Wish I could have been with you.....sigh....


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