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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

bring it on 2008

Well this is my second finish of 2008 - a cute little bookmark for my dd, i took the alphabet out of World of Cross Stitching and i am pleased to say she is very happy with it... It felt pretty good atually finising something as i feel that i have only been working on big stuff which will take years to complete, so have changed my rotation slighlty to incorporate all those little things i want to tackle.
Back at work this week after having been on hols last week which was lovely.. spent the week doing pretty much nothing, a bit of reading, a bit of stitching, watching lots of Shameless (bought the DVD set for hubbie) ,. Took Neve out on her bike and she has just about mastered the art of riding it and that was pretty much it. Perfect.
Diet is going really well ha ha - lost a whole 1/2 pd but hey at least it is not going on which is where the problem really lies. Will just keep plodding on with it, if it takes a year or more - so what - as long as it comes off eventually.. I have even turned down Roses this morning - quite an achievement I think..

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  1. Nice stitching! Neve must be over the moon because of that bookmark.


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