WIPocalpyse 2012

Monday, 24 December 2007

Damn it - Christmas must be early this year

Okay I admit defeat - Christmas must be early this year. I haven't got the kids Christmas trees ornaments finished and I am suffering from a bit of Christmas overkill so they have been put away before I lost the plot with them lol! So I am back on the rotation and worked a wee bit on my HAED which was a pleasant relief. I will be so pleased when i get page 1 done, only another 48 to go....

Off work next week so planning just to chill out and not do a lot. Have a tiny bit of the hall to paint and then we can go carpet hunting and finally get rid of the pink and paint splattered carpet which is there just now.. oh i hate it, can not wait to see the back of it.

Been overinduling somewhat on the mincepie front and had to go and buy bigger trousers last week, so have been re-enthused to shift a bit of weight for my hols in the summer (well after I have eaten all the rubbish still in the house of course!!) - have added a little ticker so that should keep me on the straight and narrow (i hope)..