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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Bath - As mentioned I was going away to Bath for a few days holiday last weekend - I should have learned by now that us travelling to Bath by car is always a disaster and par for the course the car broke down on the way there - thankfully we had only been going about an hour and a half but not one to do things by half the timing belt went - now for anyone who knows anything about cars, they will appreciate that this is not something you want to happen! thankfully I'm with the AA and they got us back to Ayr and as it wasn't too late in the day we thought sod it - we'll just rent a car and start again - so we eventully got to Bath about half past midnight with no more mishaps.

We had a great time when we there as we caught up with all the family and managed to get back to Scotland in one piece - needless to say I am now without a car for the next wee while and with a huge dent in my bank balance lol! Thankfully my friend is a mechanic and is fixing it for me at mate's rates or it would have down the scrappy for the car as a garage would just have been unaffordable..

Stitching stuff - On the stitching front though I've been working away on my DMC Japanese Anemones (see WIP above) for my friend (wife of my mechanic mate) as i really want to get it done - it's been kicking around for ages and to be honest I just want to see the back of it now.. so my rotation is off at the mo. And when i got back home I had a lovely little design I had picked up from The French Needle called Ribboned Pillow - www.thefrenchneedle.com/ribboned_pillow.htm waiting for me. That cheered me up a bit - nothing like a new bit of stash to perk you up..

Weight loss -I have just realised though that i stuck a weight loss ticker up a while back and omg it still hasn't moved - I think I better get my backside in to gear and do something about this - okay time to go and put diet head on i think!!


  1. Just found your blog! That's funny - we're just back from Bath and i live in Scotland too (west coast). First time i'd been to Bath, i loved it

  2. I am sad you had to go through such a thing. I mean the car thing.


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