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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I hate cleaning my bathroom!

This is my small but pefectly formed bathroom - which i hate cleaning! However i have to admit i had to give in this morning and get the cleaner out - it is now nice and shiny - how long that will last who knows lol! Other than that I don't mind housework too much - the only other chore i hate more is removing any little presents that my cat leaves in the garden (mice etc...) that is definitely a dh job!!


  1. Cute little bathroom! I guess I'd better break down and clean mine today. Daddy is home so he can watch the kids while I clean. Darn! LOL

  2. LOL - same with me! And I really hate it when my cats bring me all those presents (although I always give them lots of hugs for it, otherwise they'd be sooo angry)...*shudder*

  3. Definitely a bathroom theme going on!

  4. Wouldn't it be nice if bathrooms cleaned themselves? I hate all the hair that manages to collect in the corners of the bathroom. Crazy!


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