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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

a finish and a guilty pleasure

Well another finish for 2008 - my DMC Japanese Anemones - really chuffed i finally got this done, now i just need to get it off to the framers at some point... am now working on a round robin (Ally's part - Cats & Quilts from Diane Graebner) which should be finished up this week and then I can get back on to my rotation...have finally got round to getting the fabric for Joe's christmas stocking and ended up with the recommended 18ct aida as I just couldn't afford to get 36ct evenweave at the mo (the only place i had seen a navy 36ct was silkweavers, gorgeous but pricey!!) - I haven't used aida for so long, will have to remember just to go across one!..

as per the topic off the week, i will have to admit to my guilty pleasure probably being watching "Neighbours", I've watched this for years and just love my 25mins of mindless tv... after a day at work and the kids nipping you, you can just switch on and tune out - bliss!! Oh and eating biscuits for breakfast - rubbish for the diet but fun all the same...


  1. Love your finish! I tend to stitch (when I can get the chance) while "listening" to the television. I like your breakfast idea; I'm right there with you! I love chocolate so it's kind of hard to hide the fact that I'm eating my Oreo Doublestuff for breakfast. The kids can always tell. :)

  2. What a beautiful finish!!

  3. What a pretty piece! Lovely! Great job!

  4. Congratulaions on your finish. It looks wonderful!

    Thank you for the lovely comment left on my blog. Heres hoping you get some sunshine your way :)

  5. That piece is gorgeous! Neighbours? I'm Australian & have never seen an episode.LOL

  6. The anemones turned out pretty! Congrats on the finish!


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