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Friday, 13 June 2008

that friday feeling

Well I have made it to Friday again - oh the joy of a lie in tomorrow (well if 8am is classified as a lie in..) and not getting up for work and kids out the door - still busy as need to get the car cleaned, my wee boy's hair cut, house cleaned and maybe buy some food - it didn't look very exciting in my fridge this morning. need to get myself a bit more organised this week as the extra money I'm earning on my second job is getting spent on buying in food cause I'm too busy working to go shopping - kind of defeats the purpose of it all lol!

The cats are my part of Ally's round robin - they are Diane Graebner's cats and quilts - i chose them as well but my cats are still out there somewhere - I think they have one more visit before they return home to me - I'm now working on a couple of squares for Karen's rr which should hopefully be done in a couple of weeks and then that's me all done.. This is my second year with this rr and it's been great fun, a couple of hiccups along the way but everyone has had their robin returned - fortunatley we have a great bunch of gals involved..

However next year I think I will be selfish and opt out as I am finding I am out of time to work on my own stuff.

I have signed up for a Fair and Square exchange starting at the end of the month - have been looking out suitable patterns for that - mental note, must check i actually have the right fabric before i start - i plan to start it on my hols , I'm off to Menorca for a couple of weeks sun and relaxation in July - and looking forward to finding out my exchange partner..


  1. Your cats look great! :-)

  2. I love the cats and can relate to the Saturday cleaning routine. Sometimes wonder where all the time goes

  3. Working on my own stuff... That´s my next year plan too. Oh, Gosh, I so would love to stick to that! =P
    Thank you for the visit to my blog.=D


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