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Friday, 23 May 2008

finally answering some stuff...

Okay a quick post to keep up to date. Stitching time has not been so good this week - am now working two jobs as mega skint and fighting with the local council over the withdrawl of our school bus and trying to keep the house together but last week I did make a start on my wee boy's Christmas stocking - will add photo when something decent to see lol.

Managed a couple of stitches in my Chatelaine but have decided to abandon my HAED Queen of Hearts - i still love it but at the rate ot stitching it that I am at (only managed a page and a hal half so far out of 49) it'll take me literally years to do and i feel that there are too many other gorgeous designs out there that i could spend my precious little time on... anyone else felt this way about a project?

so i will now concentrate on Joe's stocking, Chatelaine St Petes and the rr I am in. I have also signed up for Fair and Square round 8 which i plan to start on my holidays in July...

Couple of answers to Stitching Bloggers topics:

1. where did i get my blog name from - from a lack of imagination! But it does describe it, "does what it says on the tin"...

2. hoops frames etc. - I am definitely a hoop girl, have had the same lovely little wooden hoop for years (about 8" diameter), and find this pretty much suits everything. I have toyed with q-snaps but still go back to the hoop. I stitch on the sofa, or the chair or my bed so like to be pretty mobile...

As for my childhood years -born and bred in Scotland - really can't complain, had one mum, one dad, one brother, one sister and a couple of cats along the way..best friend lived over the wall and had a park across the street - perfect!!


  1. You sound just as busy as me! I hope things calm down for you and you get more stitching time in.

  2. Awww, a cat! I love cats! We had cats too, and even 4 little kittens, but they grew up and became big, but friendly cats.


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