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Sunday, 5 October 2008

sunday stitching

okay i have been sorely neglecting my blog for a while but with good reason, as i have actually been stitching and here is the final result
and here it is framed - it's for one of the doctors at my work who got married recenlty, she was supposed to be getting married in the Cayman Islands but a bit of a hurricane put that idea out and she ended up getting married in Mexico - thought i would do this for her though as she is really sweet and always get's us pressies at xmas...with my stitching time being a bit on the short side just now, i've just concentrated on this. I've a couple of updates on the others i'm working on - baby sampler for my pal (whose baby i have still not met, i must get up to Glasgow soon..) and christmas stocking for ds Joe which is so not going to be done for this christmas lol!
I can't believe september has been and gone, i definitely feel like i slept walked through that month - it's suddenly autumn and the leaves are falling - yesterday it was blowing a gale, chucking it down with rain and freezing cold and today lovely and sunny and blue skies, out picking out leaves for the kid's school projects - a lovely day has been had by all ( and now off to watch Strictly Come Dancing )


  1. What a great finish.
    You are making great progress on the other 2 WIP.... That stocking looks like it is going to be beautiful...

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Lovely finish Maureen i'm sure they will be very pleased with it.

    Maggie x

  3. Beautiful finish; I'm sure she'll love it! Can't wait to see the stocking when it's done as it's beautiful now.

  4. It looks great! What a great gift. I'm sure they will love it!

    The stocking is looking wonderful.

  5. Nice finish! The mat/frame looks really good with it.

  6. Great finish! Love the WIP!

  7. Gorgeous finish and a great gift!


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