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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

may time

okay first up here are my adorable squares received from Anna VS (aka Stitch Bitch) which i received a wee while ago but only just got a chance to take some pictures.. haven't decided what to do with them yet

My gosh - it is the middle of May already and my dd Neve's 9th birthday tomorrow - been stitching away quite nicely. Working on a wedding sampler for my friends wedding in June. This is Bent Creek's "I do" - i stitched it once before and it came out so well that i decided to use it again - it stitches up pretty quick as well which is a bonus..

done a little on my HAED QS Twilight Shimmer - i'm about half way through the first page - will aim to get the page finished by summer - there is no rush with this one though,it is purely for me

Am now waiting on the next round robin to appear any day now so will work on it and do some more on Joe's stocking - that should keep me occupied through June - and also planning on stitching the Serenity piece for Friendly Stitchers comp - got a couple of ideas going around my head for that..

Was planning on doing a bit of stitching this weekend but this may now be put on the backburner as i am off to London on Sunday to see Britain's Got Talent - i won two tickets, travel and accommodation for the night - how cool is that! So me and my pal Lorna are flying down on Sunday morning ... i have to admit i've only seen a couple of clips of the show so far but it should be a good laugh.. will try to get some photos and update next week


  1. Very cool winning tickets! I am sure that you will have a blast! You gotta give us details when you return! Love the square you received and wonderful progress on the others!

  2. Lovely squares Maureen, I love blue and simplistic designs.

    I hope you had a great time in London, at Britains got Talent. I hope you are going to tell us about it on your blog, and who you saw.

    Dawn ( Devon)


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