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Friday, 29 May 2009

big walk

Well the last two weekends have been pretty busy - this is me and my buddies (me, Janice and Lorna) before the start of our midnight walk half marathon on 16th May which we were doing for The Ayrshire Hospice and below is me at 13 miles (a wee while later lol!) and pretty puffed out by that stage... very proud of ourselves though that we managed it all. However didn't get home till about half five in the morning and Lee was working that day so only got a couple of hours sleep which was not so much fun! They have emailed to say that it going to be going ahead next year as it was such a success - not sure if i want to do it again though - wouldn't mind during the day, the whole through the night thing was a bit of a killer..

Was hoping for a quieter weekend just gone but as mentioned in my last post did i not go and win tickets to Britain's Got Talent for the Sunday show! Got all our stuff through on the Friday and got a morning flight down to London on the sunday morning - dropped our stuff off at the hotel and then headed back into London to meet up with my brother as he lives near by - it was absolutely roasting in the centre so had a nice wee wander around all the touristy bits - big ben and what not and then headed back up to Wembley for the show.

We met up with the rep from Domino's Pizza about 7 and then headed down to the studio which was just round the corner. Had our free drinks and pizza (of course!) and got seated for just after eight.. the studio is much smaller than you would imagine - kind of like a fancy school hall! It went really quickly but was really entertaining - glad Susan Boyle got through, we had our Saltire out for her... but by the end of the night was getting fed up standing up, sitting down and lots and lots of clapping ... just headed back to the hotel afterwards and seen a few of the contestants who were going to be on Monday's show and then the next morning got our flight back up to Scotland - all in all a fab time was had..

Stitching wise - not a lot been happening - these are my goals for June:

finish and frame wedding sampler
start and finish lynda's part of round robin
start and hopefully finish serenity piece for Friendly Stitchers

Just got to get one thread for the wedding sampler and of course when i am purchasing this will so have to accidentally add a few things - I have seen that the letter N is out for Nora Corbertts alphabet which i have been waiting for - been dying to get this for Neve as they are just so gorgeous ...

hope you all have a good weekend - here's to the sunshine!

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  1. Wow, you have been busy! What an awesome thing you all done by this walk!


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