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Sunday, 18 October 2009

mmm -donuts...

Homer has officially entered the building and will hopefully exit before Christmas - with him being mostly yellow it's a very easy stitch but am stitching it over one so it's taking time to see any progress but he appears to be on schedule. I'm liking it so far..

and Santa is on the roof - i'm now just working on these two as
want to make sure they are both done on time - not much to do now

other than that not been much happening, working, working and working a bit more - getting the car through it's MOT - always a stressful experience lol! Off now to pick up Lee from work and then pick up Joe's friend and take them and Lee to the pictures - peace for a couple of hours . Time to catch up on BBC's new version of "Emma" - I'm loving this and then find out who else will die in "Harper's Island" he he! and of course see who gets kicked off on X Factor..

Bye for now ...


  1. Maureen, I just love your jolly santa.

  2. It looks like you could reach out and touch Santa! That must be over one? How do you like stitching on that dark fabbie?

  3. This is stitched on 18ct navy aida - and I am really pleased with the result, the dark fabric is pretty easy to work on.

  4. Santa looking wonderful. Emma is great isn't it...nothing like stitching along to a bit of Jane!!

  5. Great santa and blog :).I would like to invite you to follow my blog

  6. Santa looks great. I am sure you'll be finish with it soon.


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