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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

why do i think i have the time?

Ok - there are times i think i must lead some kind of double life - one where i go to work, look after the kids, hubby and the house and the other where i can spend all day stitching ridicuously big projects, browsing websites looking for more ridicuously big projects and oh buying wool, cause i could really do with knitting a scarf - but no then i realise i only have one life and that i really do not have any more time.. it is so disappointing but doesn't stop me trying lol!

I was in Lidl at the weekend and they had some lovely wool on offer in a scarf making kit, so of course that just had to be bought, not that i have any needles or anything but i'll get them just in case ..

and then over on Friendly Stitchers we are having a Secret Santa swap and they were asking us to submit a wish list to help our partners out - oh bad idea! I have now found there are a huge amount of things i would just love to do and i have not even looked at half the site i want to - never mind

Been working away on Santa, want to get him finished by the end of november so he is made up and ready for when the decorations go up - i can't believe it is november next week though - this year has just disappeared on me.

Watched the end of Emma on Sunday - i so enjoyed this and am feeling quite smitten with Johnny Lee Miller - Sunday's are going to be a bit of a letdown now..

I've finally got caught up with blog reading however as soon as i turn my back you are all at it again - so off to read the next lot now.


  1. So know how you feel! The FS lot are terrible at helping me NOT cut down LOL! OOOOHH Johnny Lee Miller, isn't he lovely, definitely now along with Colin Firth.

  2. LOL, gotta laugh cause I know just exactly what you mean!!! I also know what you mean about being caught up on blog reading and the next thing you know . . . well your not caught up anymore!! LOL

  3. Is that not just how it is? Where do the oh, so, productive find the time? My house is a disaster, here I sit reading, and there's SO much stitching to do!! Well, I do guess we have to count the 40hours plus travel we spend working, don't we?


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