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Monday, 14 December 2009

santa has left the building

Finally got Joe's stocking finished and it is now off to the dressmakers all ready to be made up and should be ready next week, just in time for Santa to fill with all his goodies....only 11 sleeps to go.
Now planning to take a break from stitching for a week or so to let my arm heal up completely as still getting a little residual pain from my irritated nerve and reckon that the stitchign has not been helping .So although no actual stitching a good chance to sort out stash and get a couple of things ready for next year - in particular a lovely new SAL we are starting over on Friendly Stitchers called Beau Bands..
Feeling quite high tech tonight - we got ourselves a nice shiny new laptop a few weeks ago and managed to get the wireless router sorted so am now sitting on t'internet on my shiny new bed with my nice shiny new bedroom furniture - i've been wanting new bedroom stuff for years -as well as actually having a carpet in here - it's all so exciting lol! .

back soon.


  1. Your Santa finish looks great! Congrats on finishing it on time.

  2. Your Santa looks fab hun :) you'll have to post a piccie when its back from the dressmakers :), gd luck with the rest hope it helps your arm :) xxx

  3. Love your Santa! and enjoyed the kitty video :)
    congratulations on the new furniture and thanks for stopping by my blog!
    babs in alabama

  4. Oooh this is gorgeous!! I made this stocking as well. It is hanging at my fireplace now.

  5. The santa looks wonderful, let us know what it looks like when it comes back.


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