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Friday, 4 December 2009

stocking fever

No stitching pictures to show as i am still spending every spare minute on my ds Christmas stocking, the what feels like the never-ending stocking now!

The end is in sight though and i plan on a stitching frenzy this weekend courtesy of my recently won Battlestar Galactica dvd box set - I have never watched this before but am really enjoying it. This should hopefully result in a trip to the dressmaker during the week. Watch this space lol!

Went to Harrogate a couple of weekends ago to visit the Knitting and Stitching Show with some of the other wonderful ladies on Friendly Stitchers - a very good time was had by all and i was really very conservative with my purchases. It was nice seeing stuff in real life though - have earmarked a piece of Sparklies fabric for Lee's led zeppelin symbols which i might just be able to start next year. I did purchase a great light for my bedroom which while not the prettiest object certainly does the job - it is so nice to be actually able to see what i'm stitching now.. and treated myself to a kit from West End Embroidery "tile 2 alternate" - i have always fancied one of these pieces but never quite knew where to start so was delighted to find they had lots of their kits with them.. It was great meeting everyone for real, so to speak, and hopefully if we do it again we will be joined by some other new faces and me thinks i had better start saving now!

I will be off now and shall be back sooner rather than later - all fingers and toes crossed - with a finished stocking.

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  1. Good luck getting the stocking finished! Can't wait to see a pic of it finished.


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