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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Okay. All my little advent pillows are stitched and sewn up. Now just to get the background made and should be good to go for 1st Dec.

Took lee's present in to get framed.£80 effing quid! Nearly fell over, as i know it'll look great and it will be in the house I can just about cope with it but reckon I will have to just frame stuff myself from now on.

Only two weeks to go
till meet up with the girls from friendly stitchers in harrogate-cannae wait!

And then getting my new kitchen fitted in December , its going to be a busy few weeks coming up.f
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  1. I just got quite childishly excited when I read your post... there's a stitchers group in Harrogate? COuld you point me in their direction or them in mine? I'm living in Harrogate and didn't know there were a group of people.

    Your pillows are very cute looking by the way. I'm afraid I cheated and bought my advent calendar for my other half.

  2. We are not actually based in harrogate, we just meet up for the stitching show once a year. We are all from the yahoo group friendly stitchers and staying for the weekend. It would be great if you wanted to meet up with us during the weekend though, why don't you have a wee look at our group - link is on sidebar.

  3. Have fun at you stitchy meet up :-)

    Well done you for getting all those advent pillows stitched and finishe :-)

  4. Well done on all the advent pillows.

  5. Wow lovely work Maureen... well done .... Val x

  6. Your advent pillows are fantastic Maureen!

    Have fun in Harrogate :)

  7. You did a great job on the advent pillows.


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