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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spring has sprung

Okay maybe a bit optimistic there but i do have snowdrops and my daffs are popping through as well now so that just about counts as spring.


Solar system - finishing off Saturn this week and then i think on to Neptune as my next planet to visit.
HAED - am slowly reaching the end of page 2
Corrie bookmark - about halfway through now

Have been very good as not spending money on stash but i did come across this sampler - jenny bean halloween -and just had to have it. It is not normally my style but just love the rather macabre feel to it.. this may just get started this year but no guaranteeing that..


Finally got my bedroom Sky+ box fixed on the third attempt when they actually sent someone from Sky and not some contractor who i reckon didn't know one end of a sky box from another - the end result being i got a new sky box, cabling and dish and no more signal problems -

Now just have to get the leaky roof, the wardrobe door and electric meter sorted lol! After that the plasterer is coming in to plaster and skim the hall and living room and then if we have any money left it'll get decorated (but that is kind of looking like a next year thing...) - this year is proving to be a bit pricey with trips away here and there (Southerness in May, Turkey in June and a wedding in Bath in July) so the house will have to take a bit of a back seat for a wee while.

On a half day today from work so just finishing up and getting home to grab a couple of childfree hours stitching .. back soon

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  1. Can I come to Turkey with you? Houses do take a lot of $$$$ don't they? Don't have a pound sign on this computer lol!


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