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Saturday, 12 March 2011

a mini finish

Well it has taken a while but finally got part II of Chatelaine White Nights in St Petersburg finished.. i am not normally a fan of speciality stitches but have loved doing all of these
plus lots of metallics used - loving ma bling!

Headed up to the creative stitches show at Glasgow last weekend as a couple of friends were looking to get started stitching so i joined them as an advisory role, we're going to get together soon to have our own little stitching night - converting the world one stitcher at a time... picked up these two charts as well, both Heritage Crafts. The shows now though are so disappointing when it comes to cross stitch now, only a couple of exhibitors and I was so surprised to actually get these as just charts. It's all just kits and aida - c'mon folks this is not 1985..
well dd is now demanding computer time so i will be off to cook dinner, before settling down for a bit of well earned stitching time and two hours of The Killing - I am so so loving this programme, cannot wait to find out who it was but on the other hand don't want it to finish..


  1. White Nights is looking lovely, look forward to seeing it progress! As to shows, you wonder that they would take in enough money to pay the costs. Like the idea of your stitching group.

  2. White Nights looks great. Like your advisory role - still buying though. Enjoy your stitching nights :-)

  3. White Nights is gorgeous.
    Shame the show was dissappointing, but I'm sure your advisory role was much appreciated

  4. White Nights is looking beautiful.

  5. Great progress on White Nights! I think the last SECC show I went to was with you that March when I had to plough through snowdrifts to get there lol. I just save myself for Harrogate these days! Hope to see you soon. Hugs, Ally xx


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