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Tuesday, 4 October 2011


that is how i am feeling at the moment - I am now into week 3 of no washing machine and going slightly demented!  It is not even a year old so still  under guarantee so am stuck waiting for Comet to pull their finger out and get it sorted.. they sent an engineer out after they had diagnosed what was wrong with it from me telling them "it was making a horrible screechy noise" and funnily enough it turned out to be something else, and they are now still waiting on the part to fix it - between trips to the laundrette and the goodwill of friends and family we are just about keeping the washing under control but it is seriously pissing me off!!! 

Ok rant over lol!

I got my needlebook finished for the exchange over on Friendly Stitchers - actually got it finsihed last week but it is still in my car waiting to get posted, sorry Gillie - it will get to you eventually... I am normally terrified of finishing but this wasn't too scary, will post a piccie once i know it has been received.

Got a bit more done on HAED SK Rapunzel - am stitching this on 18ct aida and really loving it, my other HAED is on 25ct linen, so this makes a nice change, not quite as demanding. 

this week am back to working on Chatelaine White Nights - aiming to get at least the west gates done but between fat club, book club and Neve's skating, it'll be a bit of squeeze getting much time on it. 

Off to Berlin in two days - very excited now! 


  1. hehe....i soooo dislike when things we buy and depend on don't work! and then we are at the mercy of those in control....sigh....glad you were able to get some stitching done! :D

  2. Oh maaan!! I hate when things break and other complications just add stress to the situation!! Can't wait to see piccies of all that stitching you mentioned! 18 cnt aida is my FAVORITE! I think it is JUST right!

  3. I can imagine how annoying it is for you Maureen - so hope you get washing machine sorted soon ...
    Have a lovely time in Berlin
    Val x

  4. YIKES, you poor dear!!! I hope the machine gets fixed soon.

    Looking forward to seeing a picture of the Needlebook.

    Have a blast in Berlin!! :D

  5. Hope you have a wonderful time in Berlin!! At least you do still have warranty on the washing machine and don't have to buy a new one!! Hope they get it fixed soon!!!

    Can not wait to see picks on the needlebook!

  6. Have a great time in Berlin and good luck with the washer.


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