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Friday, 14 October 2011

holiday time

Off work for a week - yay! Plans are :

1. not setting the alarm for 9 whole mornings.
2. having a girly day with my dd Neve
3. painting Neve's room
4. stitching
5. getting the house into some sort of order
6. spending a romantic weekend with my dh Lee - staying at a lighthouse keepers cottage here

So, made it to Berlin and back, it was short but sweet, would really have liked to spend a couple more days there to have a good wander about - the hotel we stayed in was really nice, actually a one bedroom apt, me and Kim (my friend who came with me) were ready just to move in - no kids, no husbands, no cleaning - seemed good to us..  the Bruno Mars gig at night was surprisingly good - lots to sing and dance along to and of course we had to indulge in a few beers (we were in Germany after all).

Stitching wise, managed to get a wee bit done on my Chatelaine White Nights and the Solar System and this weekend i have signed up for International Hermit and StitchWeekend - looking forward to having a look at everyone else's progress, always good to find more blogs i haven't come across yet, you can never have enough blogs to read!

Okay pictures:

Chatelaine White Nights in St Petersburg

Solar System

Ink Circle - Bramble and The Rose


Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Cathedral

Right off to enjoy some more hermitting and stitching..


  1. I envy you staying at the lighthouse keeper's cottage! I love lighthouses and would love to do that someday. Hope you have a wonderful week off!

  2. oooo very nice break there at Berlin and also at the cottage :) welcome to hermitting too :) love mouse xxxx

  3. Oh I hope you have a wonderful week off and enjoy your time with DH and DD!!!! Love the pics, looks like and sounds like a wonderful time.

  4. Sounds like you have a great time. Lovely pictures and stitching as well.


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