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Monday, 20 January 2014

A new year

Well folks, here I am catching up in the middle of January which is not bad going for me really. . I make no promises of keeping this blog any more up to date than last year, I know what I'm l like.

Stitching goals for 2014 are pretty much the same as before - keep plodding away on those Wips, one day I will finish them all. Just not committing to which day that'll be..

I have been stitching for the past few weeks/months. Was trying to finish off a unicorn for dd Neve's Christmas but that didn't happen. I am now very nearly done with it, hopefully she'll disappear with her pals for a bit this weekend and I'll get it finished. 

My mirabilia is nearly complete as well, just need to purchase a couple of threads and beads - will get back to it in February

Started a new start from Love Thy Thread - Owl, on some nice fabric from Sparklies -will pop a pic of that up next time.

Been working on my Haed as well, just love all the reds.

Hope all you readers are well.  I'll try and get back soon.


  1. About time, Miss M! Love N's gift, hope you get the time to finish it soon.

  2. All your projects are gorgeous, love the red colours on HAED, and hope you can get to finish the unicorn :)

  3. Loving the unicorn - am sure Neve will take the hint and disappear for a few hours so you can get it finished for her :) Need to see you for a proper catch up soon xxx

    1. Definitely see you soon - seems like an age since i saw you x

  4. Great update, your stitching is all lovely

  5. Beautiful projects. Lovely progress on them.

  6. Your unicorn looks lovely (well it all does actually) and was one of my new starts. I am going to stitch it without all the border.

  7. Gorgeous projects, all three of them.

  8. Hello!
    Nice to meet you!!!
    Great work! That unicorn is just gorgeous!

  9. love the Sea of Roses, looks so vibrant. I'm sure Neve will appreciate her Unicorn when it's done as it's so beautiful.

  10. The Mirabilia is looking gorgeous!
    Unicorn is nearly done too. Goodluck!


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